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Are you having trouble with unwanted pests and you don’t know what to do?

If so you need to call the experts at U.S. Pest Control. We offer complete pest control service tailored to your needs.

Offering you reliable and affordable pest control service

When it comes to pest control, you want a company that can provide you a reliable service you can trust. That trusted name is U.S. Pest Control. We have been providing affordable and professional pest control service for over 27 years.

Guaranteeing all our pest control service

Your pest control service is guaranteed. We will re-treat without a charge if a treated area is re-infected during the guaranteed time. We also will guarantee our bee and wasp proofing with a one season guarantee. Call for more information about our guarantees.

Why U.S. Pest Control?

U.S. Pest Control has the tools and knowledge to rid your home or business of any unwanted pests. Give us a call today, and talk to our expert technician for a FREE Consultation and Estimate.

Offering you and your family safe and green pest control services:

Preventative Exterior Treatment:
Most pest problems begin outside of the home. With a thorough inspection and possibly a few recommendations on certain conditions that may exist outside, along with a thorough perimeter barrier treatment, we can prevent most pests from invading the one place you want clean and safe—your home.

Interior General Treatment:
Controlling pests such as ants, spiders, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, flies, cockroaches, sow bugs, crickets, earwigs, box elders, lady bugs, etc.

Carpenter Ant Service:
Most people envision carpenter ants devouring their homes. The truth is carpenter ants search your home for areas of moisture and concentrate on those areas. There are certain aspects of homes that create opportunities of moisture. Carpenter ants search out those areas and ‘help themselves’ so to speak. Our technicians look for these problematic areas as a starting point to rid your home of these unwanted visitors.

Wasp Proofing:
Paper wasp, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, bumble bees, white faced hornets, honey bees, all of the wasp and bee family are better left to our professionals. We have the experience, materials, tools, and training to deal with the hazards that each one presents. Most can be avoided all together with our wasp proofing service that prevents nesting from taking place. Call today and start enjoying your yard, deck, and pool areas all season long—guaranteed.

Mice Service:
None of us like the thought of experiencing the tell-tale signs of mice in our home: droppings, chewing, scratching noises and food items they have gotten into. The facts are that it does happen and the contamination and damage they leave behind doesn’t make for a healthy home. We don’t believe in temporarily fixing the problem; we eliminate it—guaranteed. Call today for a brief explanation of our approach to the most effective rodent control available.

Pantry Pests:
Pantry pests include things such as Indian meal moths, saw tooth grain beetles, flour beetles, rice weevils, and larder beetles. They are generally brought into your home in boxes or other containers of infested foods—anything from a box of cake mix to cereals, pastas, dog food, birdseed, etc. These pests may be brought in to your home in a single box or bag, but rapidly infest the cabinets and other items they are stored with. If you suspect any type of pantry pest in your home, contact us for more information on how we can eliminate these from making a home in some place they don’t belong—your family’s food.

Termite Inspections:
If you are buying, selling, or refinancing your home, most lending institutions require a termite inspection. It covers different wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles. We will do a full inspection and provide you with the proper forms required by your lender.

To speak to our professional pest control expert for a FREE Estimate, call U.S. Pest Control at one of our locations.

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